Smart Lift PRO2 (3 Stage, Anti-collision, 3 memory setting)- With Table Top


  • The height of your worktop should be set according to your height such that you work without reaching or bending; forearms must be parallel to the floor; head, neck and wrists should always be relaxed and not forced into any unnatural or stressful position.
  • Smart Lift PRO2 (3 Stage, Anti-collision, 3 memory setting) allows you to adjust the height of your desk to enable you to sit at a position that is most comfortable for your body, or stand which increases blood circulation and reduces fatigue.
  • Ergonomically designed to enable easy installation and comfortable use.
  • Ideal for offices, institutional and home applications.
  • The height of the table can be adjusted from 640 – 1290mm (stroke of 650 mm).
  • Dual Motor.
  • Anti-collision sensors and safety control.
  • 3 Stage Rectangular Legs with 3 Height Memory Setting.
  • 2 USB port for mobile phone charging.
  • Input Power: 220-230 V / 50-60 Hz / 2S A
  • Noise Level: < 50 dB (A) 
  • Table Tops for Pro 2 Series
    • These ready-to-mount tops are designed for use with our range of Smart Lift Height Adjustable Desk Legs.
    • They are not compatible with our Smart Lift Electric 3 and Pro 3 series.
    • They are made of pre-laminated Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
    • Available in 2 sizes:
    • Depth 750m x Width 1200mm x Thickness 18mm
    • Depth 750mm x Width 1500mm x Thickness 18mm
    • Available in two finishes: Frosty White (FW) and Classic Walnut (WN)
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